What is the Ambici comprehensive warranty?

Normally, wooden watch companies don't offer any sort of warranty on the wooden pieces. However, we want you to wear your watch for years to come. So bad in fact, that for as long as we are selling them, we will replace your watch free of charge - no matter what the problem.


What kind of woods does Ambici use?

We use a variety of hardwoods in our watches. Currently, our watches incorporate maple, ebony, red sandalwood, and black sandalwood. 

Can I get my Ambici watch wet?

Yes, to a certain extent. Ambici watches are water resistant, so feel free to wash your hands or dance in the rain, but I wouldn't go for a swim with one. 


Does Ambici ship internationally?

Yes, for an additional fee we can ship to countries outside of the US.


How do I care for my Ambici watch?

Use the Ambici Oil that came with your order. Put 2-4 drops on a small cloth and rub the oil all over the watch. Repeat this every three weeks to keep the wood in good condition.


Returns & Refunds

Within seven days after delivery, if you are not pleased with the product, you can return the undamaged product for your money back. However, return shipping is at the expense of the customer and proof of purchase is required. 


​Can I replace the battery?

Yes, the battery is replaceable. Simply remove the caseback by screwing it off, take out the small plastic cover, then change the battery for a new one. When you are done, snap the plastic cover back into place and screw the caseback on. 


Can I adjust the size of the band?

Yes, the band can be adjusted. Each watch comes with four removable screw links on each side of the clasp. To remove them, use two small flathead screw drivers to unscrew the pin and remove the link.