What does Ambici stand for?

Ambici is derived from the word ambition. We chose this name because ambition is the spark that ignited this business. The back of each watch is engraved with the Ambici logo "ambition is timeless" to remind each wearer that a little ambition can lead to a timeless effect. The watches are meant to be more than just a fashion statement. We designed these watches to make a difference and hopefully they can remind each person that they can too.

About the Watch

Each Ambici watch is created from the highest quality hardwoods. This gives each watch the most elegant finish nature can offer. To prevent the wood from shrinking over time and cracking the crystal, each Ambici watch contains a metal inner casing to add both durability and water resistance. Every watch is equipped with a sapphire crystal, which is the hardest transparent crystal found on watches. These watches have been designed to combine the benefits of wood watches and metal watches to make a quality watch that will withstand the test of time without sacrificing style or eco friendliness.

About Ambici

Ambici was started in January 2015, by brothers Reed (18) and Riley (16) Stephens. The idea was born out of a passion for both fine watches and wooden craftsmanship that has been passed down through the generations of their family. 

Woodworking is something that has been passed down through the generations of our family. Our grandfather was a carpenter, who passed it down to our dad, who in turn passed it down to us. Wood has always been a part our lives, so we wanted to create something wooden to have on at all times, to show this. But why watches? Let's be real guys, what else do we really get to pick out for ourselves that sets us apart from the guy next to us? In addition to watches, girls have necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc, but watches are a man's one true chance to "accessorize". So naturally (no pun intended) wooden watches were the clear cut choice. 

Looking at the market we noticed a trend in wood and metal watches, but we feel that metal detracts from the focus of a wooden watch. It takes away from the eco friendly aspect as well as the natural appeal of an all wooden watch. However, we did note some problems with 100% wood watches. Many are so light, due to the lack of density of wood vs metal, it's almost like your not even wearing a watch at all. They are so light they feel cheap and are therefore less desirable. However a more concerning problem is the shrinking of the wood over time. More than a cosmetic issue, this often leads to a cracked crystal that is challenging to replace simply because the opening of the watch is now smaller. So essentially, there's an expiration date on the watch because of its wooden case. So our challenge was combining the qualities of both all wood watches and wood and metal watches to make a quality watch that will withstand the test of time without sacrificing style or eco friendliness. 


Why Alzheimer's Research?

 In 2004, our grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. As her illness progressed she became increasingly dependent on the people around her. In 2009, she came to stay with us for a while, so my mom could care for her. In 2010, she was diagnosed with stage 5 Alzheimer's, the most severe stage. Her disease progressed to the point where she forgot how to speak and relied on others for even simple tasks such as eating, bathing, and even getting dressed. Because of this, we would often help our mom take care of her. Her memory, motor skills, and self-reliance suffered greatly as a result of this debilitating disease. Eventually, she forgot us too. But despite her illness, she managed to keep the whole family together. She was the “glue” to our large family and she is the inspiration behind this project. After witnessing first hand what this disease can do, we wanted to do something to help. That's why every Ambici watch sold, will contribute to the cause.  Thank you so much for your support.